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Other Gas Charging Valve Configurations

Triton 20K HP Gas Valve
  Topside/Subsea with 9/16 MP connection

isometric 2.PNG
9/16 MP pup joint for clocking
section view.PNG
Allen Wrench Operation
45 or 90 degree gas connections
316L Body Construction
PRT offshore tubing connection 3.PNG
Ability for common tubing for charging/dumping

Single gas connection for charging circuit

Ability to operate each valve independently in the circuit.   

Each bottle can be isolated from the circuit after charging. 
Circuit shown with SCV  valves.

Triton 10K TH
Topside/Subsea with 2-bolt connection

Wrench Operation
Side Gas Connection
2-Bolt Connection
Pressure Energized Face Seal Connection
316L Body Construction
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