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Carbon Capture Valves

Carbon Capture Valves are key components of a carbon sequestration systems being encouraged and incitivized by various government entities globally.    For carbon capture to be successfull on a global scale it must be viable and profitable long term for all companies involved.  

High pressure valves must be reliable in a corrosive environment in CO2 applications.    PDS valves standard valve materials are full stainless 316 bodies and trim materials.   We utilize a range of elastomers and machined plastics which are highly suited to a long field life in a  CO2 environment.

Our products are panel serviceable and repairable without breaking any connections lowering down time and minimizing maintenance issues. PDS manufacture a range of high pressure control valve products utilizing soft seals, metal-to-metal seals, and combinations of elastomeric and metal seals  that provide exceptional durability, reliability, and low maintenance in a wide range of environmental conditions.

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