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Triton Hydraulic Products

Triton Hydraulic Valves  are engineered for simplicity, reliability, and long field life.   Just like our gas products, all Triton hydraulic products close with pressure. Unlike other companies that use large springs under high mechanical compression fighting against fluid pressure our Triton products rely on a unique principal of being generally balanced. 


Our core design philosophy is to use use pressure to our advantage to shift, self-seat, and self-seal. As a result, our valves are generally close to pressure balanced.  Using pressure to our advantage means Triton products are failsafe closed (NC - Normally Closed).   Triton hydraulic valve products utilize our Triton Core poppet technology and are highly debris tolerant.  



Pilot Operated Check Valve

6,000 psi - Topside Applications

Pilot Operated Check Valve

panel valves, 2 way, 4 way

Inline Check Valve
Dual Inline Check Valve
Rotary Valve 
Dump Valves
Simple, Serviceable, Supremely Reliable
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