Triton Hydraulic Products 

Triton ACVs (Accumulator Charging Valves) are engineered for simplicity, reliability, with a focus on HSE in the demanding offshore environment our clients operate in.  Our patented gas charging valve and system address numerous well known issues of current "legacy" type Mil spec and Shrader valves.   These issues include:  requirement to use 2 wrenches to safely operate valves, corrosion issues, premature failures due to user over-tightening of the sealing mechanism, vibration pressure unscrewing, elastomer extrusion, projectile risk if unscrewed under pressure, low gas flow capacity, and no ability to field service.   Our Triton ACVs and Triton charging system using dedicated tooling address these issues and more.

All Triton valves utilize our patented Triton Core Technologyand are backed by an unprecedented 3 year field warranty. Triton valves are self-seating and self-sealing and the user has no ability to "over tighten" and damage the sealing mechanism.    The robust design and material selections provide an expected field life in excess of 5 years.

panel valves, 2 way, 4 way

6,000 psi - Topside Applications


Simple, Serviceable, Supremely Reliable