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Triton Fuse Blocks

For Use with DCBs (Depth Compensated Bottles)

Product Highlights

316L Body

Utilizes Banjo Bolt with Oring to connect to Bottle Assembly

Provides SAE-05  Top Gas Connection

Provides left & right  side npt connections providing guage location installation options 

Inner chamfer to prevent banjo bolt oring damage during installation. 

3 Year Field Warranty

Fuse Block 4 illustration.JPG

----- Triton Gas Valve

----- Banjo Bolt

------- npt for gauge

hydac fuse block 5 Illustration.JPG
Inner Chamfer Oring relief in Banjo bolt bore - eliminates cutting of Banjo Bolt oring.

NPT connection on both sides of fuse block to provide options for mounting gauges if spacing is tight.

AA Fuse Blocks 2.JPG
AA Fuse Blocks.JPG

Fuse Block photos used on ultra deepwater drillship. Photos provided by drilling company.

Torque Tool
Charging Tool
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