Triton Fuse Blocks 

For Use with DCBs (Depth Compensated Bottles)

Product Highlights

316L Body

Utilizes Banjo Bolt with Oring to connect to Bottle Assembly

Provides SAE-05  Top Gas Connection

Provides left & right  side npt connections providing guage location installation options 

Inner chamfer to prevent banjo bolt oring damage during installation. 

3 Year Field Warranty

Fuse Block 4 illustration.JPG
Fuse Block 1.jpg
Fuse Block 2.jpg

----- Gas Valve

----- Banjo Bolt

------- npt for gauge

inner chamfer to prevent oring damage during Banjo bolt installation

hydac fuse block 5 Illustration.JPG
Fuse Block 3.jpg
Torque Tool
Charging Tool