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4-Way Selector Valve

The Minotaur valve is a 4-way selector valve (patent pending) and is designed as a direct drop in replacement for the most common 4-way selector valve currently used. This product was developed at a clients request to solve ongoing leaking issues that resulted in rental equipment being down for repair too often.   

The Minotaur is highly debris tolerant (unlike shear seal type valves) and is fully qualified to API 16D on NAS 11 water with no lubrication package. The Minotaur offers a highly reliable and debris tolerant sealing system consisting of 4 panel replaceable cartridges containing both halves of the metal-to-metal seal and soft seals.


15,000 psi rated
Cv .88

Temperature Range
-40F to 180F

Qualified to API 16D 

Operating Mediums
Water-based fluids
Oil-based fluids

Material Construction
Body 316L
Cartridge N50
Seals - Buna N and PTFE
Main Seal - Delrin
Panel Replaceable Cartridge

Panel Repair -  Minotaur is panel repairable from the back without the need to remove from panel or breaking any  fluid connections. A simple 5-10 minute replacement of a cartridge results in tremendous time savings if repair is ever required.  Replaceable cartridges restore Minotaur to FAT standards

Mintotaur Animation
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Operation and Panel Repair

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