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20,000 psi rating  


The 20,000 psi rated panel mount Orion valve (patent pending) opens with mechanical force and seals with pressure. The Orion has 1/4 turn operation like a tradional ball valve. Unlike traditional hand operated panel valves, the user has no ability to over-tighten and damage the sealing mechanism. The Orion utilizes a metal-to-metal/soft seal combination providing low pressure sealing capability.  Unlike ball valves, the soft seal does not experience washout during opening and closing with high differential pressure.    

orion 2.PNG

20,000 psi rated
Low Pressure 50psi
Cv 1.40

Temperature Range
32F to 180F

Qualified to API 16D on
NAS 11 water

Operating Mediums
Water-based fluids
Oil-based fluids

Material Construction
Body 316L
Sealing Seat N50
Main Shaft N50
Seals - Buna
Main Seal - Delrin
Handle 316

orion 1.PNG

Clocking feature provides ability to position 1/4 turn handle in any direction to match existing panel markings

Panel Replaceable Cartridge

Panel Repairable - The Orion is panel repairable without removing from panel and without breaking any fluid connections.  A simple 5 minute repair with a common wrench from the front of the panel provides the ability to return the Orion to FAT standards.

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