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Kraken 4-Position

20,000 psi rating  

Provides the unique ability to crack open a "ball valve" for extended pressure bleeds from high pressure.   Provides 10% flow, 21% flow, and full flow (Cv 5.88) without washing out the soft seal.
A Kraken.png
- Linear Motion, non-rotating stem seal

- Can be opened/closed with 18,000+ psi differential pressure hundreds of times without damaging seal

- Low Operating Torque

- Highly Debris Tolerant

- Field Repairable & Rebuildable in panel without breaking fluid connections

- 9/16 Orifice  with Cv 5.88 for high flow even at 20,000 psi

Kraken 4P ROV Face.png
Kraken 4P cam.png
AB Kraken.png
Gauge Ports directly on Kraken valve body.   

Eliminates "Ts" and tubing congestion.
Panel Repairable without Breaking Fluid Connections
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