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Poseidon Deepwater Solutions (PDS) is rooted in the Oil and Gas Industry with its 3 founding members having over 75 years combined experience.  Each member has a different area of expertise;  Engineering, Sales, and Operations which drives us toward balanced solutions to meet your needs. PDS was founded on the principle of introducing new products and engineered solutions.

PDS has engineered both products and systems alike, and ensures the customer is involved in the decision process along the way.  Key design choices and challenges are highlighted in a solution-based approach when centers on the Functional Design Specification (FDS). This allows the customer to be always in control of the project outcome. 

PDS consistently demonstrates the ability to provide engineered solutions to clients often frustrated by project delays  due to lack of engineering resources, slow responses from third parties, and lack of experience in system design. 

PRV  (Pressure Relief)  Module

Patent Pending

API PSL3   15,000 psi     350ºF

The Poseidon PRV Module was developed for a client to protect  flexible flow lines and Capping Stacks from over-pressurization.  Burst disc assemblies have been used for years but present a challenge when ruptured as the burst disc assembly had to be pulled topside and a new burst disc installed.   This required a shut in and the result is seawater ingress and likely formation of hydrates.   


The Poseidon PRVModule is designed to "burp" pressure and reset and reseal leak tight preventing shut ins and seawater ingress.   The PRV module has multiple levels of redundancy while also offering mechanical overrides via class IV ROV interface.       

PRV 2.png

Triton ROV Operated
Isolation Valves

Shown with Class IV ROV overrides to open/close manually


Patent Pending

Triton 15K Relief Valve

Triton 2" Dump Valve

Kratos Inline check

Triton Relief Valves trigger point can be adjusted via ROV interface while subsea.    
PRV Side view.jpg
PRV Photo 1.jpg
PRV Specifications.jpg
PRV photo 2.jpg

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