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PRV  (Pressure Relief)  Module

Patent Pending

15,000 psi, 350F

Featuring Triton Hydraulic Valve Technology

Triton 15K Relief Valve

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Triton ROV Operated
Isolation Valves

Kratos In-Line Check Valve

Patent Pending

Triton 2" Dump Valve

Shown with Class IV ROV overrides
to open/close manually

Patent Pending

PRV Module protects 10K flexible flow lines from over-pressurization.   Transfer barrier sees wellbore pressure.   With a pressure spike the transfer barrier triggers the Triton 15K Relief valve to fire and in turn pilots the 2" Dump Valve open and venting wellbore pressure immediately.   Triton 15K Relief Valve resets and reseals on its own and is now re-armed and ready for next pressure spike.  

This system has an automatic reset mode which consumes clean control fluid on valve side of transfer barrier.   This fluid is consumed with approximately 15 relief valves triggers.    The transfer barrier is refillable via ROV.  The system also has a manual reset mode that does not consume fluid and requires an ROV to reset. 

Redundancy - This system utilizes a burst disc assembly that allows the Dump to  be triggered if the Relief valve does not fire.     The system also utilizes Q2 Class IV ROV overides that provides the ability to either open or close the 2" dump valve irrespective of system state.

The production PRV Modules now have the ability to change the Triton Relief Valves trigger point via ROV interface while subsea.    This is not shown.   Contact PDS for details.

Subsea Panels

ROV operated Kraken Valves with Code 62 Connections

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