Triton Tattle Tale 

Coming Very Soon
Visual Pre-Charge Confirmation Indicator
A Triton Tattle Tale.png

The Triton Tattle is designed to replace time consuming  topside bottle gauging to verify pre-charge is present and bladder is not compromised or leaking.   


The Triton Tattle Tale threads directly into both the Triton 5 series and 3 Series bodies holding bottle charges and allows bottle pressure to pass through the Triton Valve and transmit pressure into the Tattle Tale.


There are 4  spring ranges available based on pre-charge psi.   If bottle pressure is sufficient a visual indicator rises up and is visible from a short distance.     To verify pre-charges in racks of bottle the fluid pressure is decreased just below Tattle Tale psi range.   At this point the Tattle Tale will only rise if sufficient gas pre-charge is present.   


In minutes the pre-charge of an entire room full of bottles can be confirmed visually.   The Triton Tattle Tale can  greatly reduce the time-consuming and labor intensive task of gauging each bottle individually.         

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