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Ballast Systems and Ballast Valves 

Full Ocean Depth Ballast Designs

PDS specializes in small compessive gas type ballast system designs for deepwater exploration vehicles and the growing autonomous mining vehicle industry capable of full ocean depth of 6,000M.  Ballast system designs include redundancy and fail safe designs to anticipate failure.


PDS understands most systems have a backup.  However, having a backup does not ensure operation in all cases.   We do not assume a level of safety based on duplicating a valve or function that may fail, this is a false assessment.  


PDS determines the actual level of redundancy using an FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Crititicality Analysis). 

Ballast 1_edited.jpg
Ballast 2_edited.jpg
Ballast 4_edited.jpg

Ballast Valves

Poseidon valve technology is heavily focused on deepwater drilling and exploration.    Our valves are designed for subsea use and qualified to stringent API specifications for oil & gas.   Our valves are constructed out of true subsea materials providing long life in subsea applications.  

Valves used in ballast systems need to be simple, reliable, and sized for purpose.   Poseidon works with clients to clearly define the testing and validation of each valve to ensure it is actually rated to work with desired reliability and depth rating.

Our Triton and Kraken subsea valves can be operated via hydraulic pilot, solenoid, linear actuator, and rotary actuator.       Many of our products utilize soft seal technology providing gas tight sealing up to 20,000 psi.  


Contact  PDS for information on our Inline Check Valves, Relief Valves, Kraken Valves, Orion Valves, 3-Way and 4-Way Pilot Valves for ballast valve applications.   

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