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Welcome to Poseidon Deepwater Solutions

Poseidon Deepwater Solutions is committed to enhancing drilling and production activities through efficiency and simplicity in the design of our products.  Our Triton and Kratos product lines feature technically superior products redefines what is considered acceptable and normal from a performance and reliability standpoint.   

Our Triton Core Technology™ is a patented and trademarked application of sealing technologies.  The sealing mechanics affect the behavior of the individual components that have been carefully selected. Together the components provide useful behavior in various gas and hydraulic applications. The design of our Triton valves, sealing with pressure, eliminates the primary failure mode of most small valves.... user error of over-tightening the sealing mechanism. Over-tightening causes mechanical damage, deformation of seals, and rotational galling and material loss leading to premature failure. Our Triton products are immune to over-tightening. Triton technology is used in our Triton gas valves and Triton control valve products.

Our Kratos "working class" valves (Cv of 1.44 to 5.88) are generally pressure balanced and even our largest valve can be easily hand-operated at 20,000 psi.  Our panel mounted valves are panel repairable without removal or breaking fluid connections.  Panel repairability reduces downtime from hours to minutes.  Debris tolerance and longevity are unequaled.  


Once again... Welcome to Poseidon Deepwater Solutions        

Simple, Serviceable, Supremely Reliable
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