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Kratos Check Valves were born out of necessity at PDS.  We qualify valves and run extended duration testing on water with a NAS class of 11 or 12.   During a 3,000 cycle test we had numerous check valve leaks every 300 to 500 cycles.  Due to the location and number of connections that had to be broken, the repair took 45 minutes each time.   The cost of repairs and downtime really added up.  We tried a number of existing checks from various manufacturers and the results were similiar.   We analyzed the existing technololgy and re-engineered the internal components to eliminated debris related issues.   We started running the improved checks in Q3 2020 on our 20K test HPU.   When we hit 33,000 cycles with no leaks or repairs it was clear this was a product we should offer to our clients.  


Kratos In-Line check qualified to 33,000 cycles on NAS 12 Fluid
 Inspection Photos after 33,000 Cycles
Kratos in-line 32,000 cycles.jpg
Kratos in-line 20K closeup.jpg
NAS count on fluid used in the Kratos
qualification performed by Ocean Edge
Extended Duration Testing now at 145,000+ cycles (Q4 2021 - Q1 2024)
Dual Inline Check
Dual Inline Check
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