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Triton RCV - Remote Control Valve


   Max Pressure 10,000 psi (68.9 Mpa)

   Max Depth 12,000 ft (3657m)

   Nitronic 50 Body

   Bottle Interfaces

              Soft Face Seal (1/2-20) 


Operation Options

   Manual operation with wrench

   Hydraulic Pilot


1 Side Port on Swivel


     swivel tubing connection
allows positioning of connection for simple tubing installation. 
Triton RCVs in Circuits 
Swivel rcv 2.PNG
Allows large numbers of bottles to be tubed together on a single tubing run.

One charging connection for all bottles.

Each RCV is operated independently allowing each bottle to be opened or closed (isolated)  during charging operations.

Individuel bottles can be isolated at any time during charging operations and independently  isolated prior to deployment or drilling operations.  

                               Precharge verification in a circuit Fast and Safe

Fluid pressure is dropped out of the fluid manifold.

A reference gauge on the bulkhead will read pressure in the common pressure rail going to all Triton RCVs.

Precharge pressure in individual bottles can be validated by opening/closing each Triton RCV one at a time.   

If an RCV is opened on a bottle with a compromised  bladder that has lost precharge, as soon as the RCV is opened the pressure rail iwth precharge pressure will equalize with the  lower pressure in the bottle  and  a noticeable pressure drop on the bulkhead reference gauge will be seen.  This provides indication that precharge had degraded.     

- Precharge can be checked on 20 bottles safely and quickly with a simple wrench and without the need to connect to individual valves with a gauge assembly.

Swivel rcv 3.PNG
Swivel rcv 4.PNG
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