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Hydraulic Valves 

Our Hydraulic Valves  are engineered for simplicity, reliability, and long field life. Most indrustry hydraulic products are similar. They often use large springs under high mechanical compression fighting against fluid pressure.  Our Hydraulic products rely on a unique principal of generally being pressure-balanced. 


Our core design philosophy is to use use pressure to our advantage to shift, self-seat, and self-seal. Using pressure to our advantage means most of our products are failsafe closed (NC-Normally Closed). Triton hydraulic valve products utilize our Triton Core poppet technology and are highly debris tolerant.      

Subsea Ball Valve Replacements
ROV & Piloted
Topside  Ball Valve Replacements
For Pipeline & Umbilical Testing
Check Valves - Single & Dual
Simple, Serviceable, Supremely Reliable
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