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Hyperbaric Test Services

Poseidon Deepwater Solutions provides pressure testing services at pressures up to 5,000 psi ( 345 bar), simulating operating conditions at up to 11,262 feet ( 3,429 meters) of ocean depth.   With a volumetric capacity of 9.46 gallons (21,856 cu inches) the pressure vessel provides clients a cost-effective solutions to qualify and proof test valves, subsea housing, hoses, electric cables, and other test articles in compliance with industry standards for hyperbaric testing.    

Our Hyperbaric chamber is equipped with Q8  1/4" NPT connections and a single 2" mechanical penetration which provides the ability to physically operate a test article under hydrostatic conditions.    The large number of hydraulic pentrations provides for simple and efficient set up and condition monitoring during testing.   Data logging is provided via digital pressure transducers as needed.  

Hyperbaric Chamber Specifications

- 5,000  psi  (water depth 11,252 ft / 3429m)
- Inside dimensions 11" x 23"
- Q8     1/4" NPT connections
- Q1  2" mechanical interface penetration
- Volumetric capacity 9.46 gallons (21,856 cu inches)

- Operating Temperature range    33F to ambient 
Hyperbaric Chamber 5.png
Hyperbaric 1_edited.jpg
Hyperbaric 7.png
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