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Triton Control Valves

Triton Control Valves are designed for use in topside and subsea panels.  Triton valves are engineered and designed for direct replacement of  needle valves  and small ball valves.  Like  all Triton vlaves they are  opened with mechanical force but rely on system pressure to close.  Triton Control valves are failsafe closed (NC -Normally Closed).   Stem Seal mechanism has linear movement... no high pressure rotation of the seals.  Long life is provided due to material selection, elimination of rotational galling and wear, and no ability for user to over-tighten the sealing mechanism.  The over-tightening failure mode of needle valves has been eliminated.

Topside Panel Applications - Triton Control valves are suitable for most non-throttling needle valve type applications.  Triton valves offer metal-to-metal seals, low operating torque, and are panel repairable without removing from panel and no need to break any fluid connections.   Panel Repair takes minutes with a simple wrench and the repair kit includes both halves of metal-to-metal seal and new elastomers.  A repair kit restores the valve to factory FAT acceptance standards at low and high pressure.  

Subsea Applications -   Triton Control valves are a direct replacement for ball valves that are prone to washout when opening/closing with differential pressure.   Triton valves offers a highly desirable metal-to-metal seal of a needle valve with simplicity of operation of a 1/4 turn ball valve.   Subsea Operators include ROV 1/4 Turn, Pilot Operators, and Electric Motor operation. 

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