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Triton Pegasus SCV
Self Contained Valve

10K   Subsea or Topside Applications

Installs & Operates with a single wrench - No special tooling required

HSE Audible Warning - Removal Torque Cannot be applied unless valve is opened first.

Flats for Installation & Operation
Valve must FIRST be opened before Torque dogs will engage to allow transfer of instlalation and removal torque.


   Max Pressure 10,000 psi (68.9 Mpa)

   Max Depth 12,000 ft (3657m)

   N50  Body

   Bottle Interface

       Face Seal (1/2-20) "Tobul" style

       Other Inferfaces Available

Mil spec gas connection
Pressure Energized face seal
PRT offshore tubing connection 3.PNG
PRT offshore tubing connection 2.PNG
Gas valves can be tubed together to allow for a single common gas connection.

Gas valves can be individually operated/isolated  after charging is complete.  
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