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1/4 Turn Operator
for Triton Panel  Mounted Isolation Valves

Unlike  T-handles valves the Triton 1/4 turn panel operator provides immediate visual confirmation of valve positions. Designed to eliminate confusion and provides quick visual confirmation of valve positions during operation and during shift changes.

Topside Applications

Subsea Applications 
       Coming Soon

aa Panel Mount q turn.png
Provides clear visual indication of valve position

AA panel mount closed.png

Triton Isolation Valve in CLOSED Position

aa Panel Mount transition.png

4" x 4"

102mm X 102mm

aa panel mount open.png

Triton Isolation Valve in OPEN Position

Closed position is shown as Arrow UP.  Open position is shown as Arrow RIGHT.   Client can rotate cam plate to reverse the positions meaning Arrow UP = OPEN, Arrow RIGHT = CLOSED.

Position Indicators are shown in Red for closed and Green for open.   Colors are customizable per client. Position Indicators are installed into back of assembly and easily changed.

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